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In the fast-paced world of forex trading, news events can cause massive volatility in the markets, resulting in rapid price movements and sudden shifts in market sentiment. These rapid market movements can pose a challenge for traders, as entries during this time are almost never exact.

We've seen it dozens of times, a strategy that initially looks very promising does terrible when trading live. This is because, when backtesting, entries are always exactly where you place them but, when trading live, they never are. During news events this difference, called slippage, can be up to 30 pips or more! What should have been a great win could easily turn into a major loss. You should never use a strategy on a live account until you have accurately emulated news slippage.

Our service is designed to help traders navigate the often-turbulent waters of news events by providing an accurate representation of how trades would have been executed during such events. By doing so, our clients can rest assured that their back tested results are as precise as possible. Stop trading a potentially fatal strategy today by requesting our service now!

What's Included

  • A csv file with all entries and exits taken and filled with numerous calculations, charts, and graphs

  • 2 free requests for any additional information to be tracked, or calculations to be made

  • All trades taken during news are emulated to account for slippage

Request Now!

Thanks for requesting our services. We will be in contact shortly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sell the EA you create for me?
    Of course! For tips on how to publish a product on the Metatrader Marketplace check out this article here.
  • How many accounts does my EA work with?
    Your EA will work with up to 3 accounts for free. Any other account outside of those 3 will need to have the Forex Forensics License installed in order to run the EA.
  • What indicators can be used in my EA?
    Our experts can create an EA from anything you think of. From any mainstream indicator like the SAR, MACD, or Donchian Channels, to our own Smart Money Indicator, and even Heikin Ashi Candles. Nothing is out of reach!
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